Now's the Time to think about spring

Spring is the time of year to get your planting beds ready for the upcoming year.

First get the debris, leaves, branches, dead tops from perennials and grasses out!

It's a good time to put a new and crisp edge on beds and tree rings.

Get a jump on the weeds by applying a good pre-emergent herbicide to interrupt weeds seeds from germinating and thus reducing the hand weeding later in the season.

After applying the pre-emergent herbicide a 2 to 3 inch layer of good mulch helps with moisture retention and freshens the appearance.  Watch for the news about our Early Order Spring Bark Specials !

An application of a good quality slow release granular fertilizer, especially on your perennial and grass beds, that will gradually feed the plants.

Start applying Stern's Miracid to all your shrubs, evergreens, perennials, and grasses late April or early May.  Do this periodically(every two weeks if possible) until mid September.  Make sure you use a watering can or a hose applicator(often supplied with the product) and apply the Miracid or Miracle Gro over the foliage of the plant.  These products are designed to be absorbed through the foliage, but the excess runoff will be absorbed by the roots.  You'll be amazed at the color and vitality your plants take on, especially in the second year.




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