Through the use of a wide array of professional low voltage landscape lighting fixtures we can provide a new dimension to your landscape.  We can enhance elements of your landscape by adding soft, balanced lighting, creating shadows and silhouettes.  Low voltage landscape besides bringing your property to life at night, also adds benefits of safety and security around your home.  The entire system is fully automatic through the use of photocell sensors, turning the lights on at dark and shutting off at a pre-selected time making everything a hands free operation.

Hardscape Construction   

Hardscape construction involves many elements of the landscape, including patios, walkways, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, drainage repair, grading, etc.  We pride ourselves in the ability to access and install a wide array of materials including natural stone and man made products such as Unilock.  Our combined years of experience provide clients with professionally finished projects construction on the surface, but also pay very close attention to the elements under the surface.  We put great efforts into making sure the base upon which we build our projects is well constructed and installed beyond specifications.  It is our goal to make sure that our projects stand the test of time and continue to serve our clients for years to come.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance  

Our experienced landscape maintenance crews can care for all aspects of the commercial property.  Landscape Care Plans can be individualized for the budget and specific needs of each site.  Services include but not limited to , mowing, planting bed maintenance, fertilization, pruning of trees and shrubs.  We also provide added services of mulching, annual flower planting, planting renovations, snow removal etc.  We are able to provide full service care for all of your grounds and landscaping needs.

Architectural Planning & Design  
Mid-April through October
Occurs weekly
maintained at a height of 2.5” – 3” as the turf requires during the growing season. Mowing patterns will be alternated weekly
Lawn Care & Maintenance  

We have been maintaining and caring for residential landscapes since the beginning of the company.  We can provide a full service care plan for your landscape including fertilization, pruning, bed maintenance, and of course mowing.  Many of the lawns we maintain are a continuation of the installation of a landscape plan we developed.  We can customize a care plan to meet your needs and your budget.  We strive to stay on top of problems that may develop, but are able to respond to any emergency.  Our experience and training allows us to keep your landscape aesthetically pleasing with a natural appearance.

Snow & Ice Management  

During the winter months Fritz Landscape Contractors provides a full service snow removal operation to our commercial and residential landscape clients.  Our trucks are specially equipped to work in tight spots and pull snow away from garages and buildings before pushing the snow with the plows.  We have loaders and skidsters that we place on commercial projects that are ready to meet the best mother nature can supply.  We use specially blended ice melting products that eliminate damage to pavement, turf, and plants.  Our salt trucks are able to respond quickly to commercial sites to implement ice melting procedures 24 hours a day.  Our goal is to provide quick and thorough ice and snow removal adding another season of service for our clients

All Year
Recomended in spring
Using pressurized water we clean your paver surface. We also repair and replace damaged pavers and freshen up the locking sand.
Paver Cleaning and Maintenance  
Landscape Planning and Design  

Fritz Landscape Contractors has years of experience developing comprehensive landscape drawings to meet each client's needs.  We start by meeting with the homeowner to gather ideas and goals the clients want and bring those along with our design skills to the drawing board to create a finished product.  Our goal is to develop a pleasing easy to maintain landscape that will bring years of enjoyment.  Our designers are not only well versed in the characteristics of the plants available in our climate, but also the level of care the plants will need as they grow.  We not only enjoy designing with trees and shrubs, but incorporate perennials and ornamental grasses to enhance the duration of the color and add a natural flowing appearance.  We are able to design outdoor living spaces that bring the indoors outside.  Your back yard can be transformed into an oasis of tranquility and functionality to be enjoyed throughout the summer

Turf Fertilization Program  

In addition to and along with our Lawn Care and Maintenance we offer a Turf Fertilization Program.

This includes a 4 step process to keep your turf supplied with all the right nutrients for optimal growth throughout the season.

Spring Application includes a blended granular fertilizer with the proper balance of nutrients to get your lawn ready for the start of the season. It also includes the added benefit of crabgrass control. Timing of this application depends a good deal on soil temperatures, which we monitor in order to receive the optimal benefit from both the fertilizer and crabgrass control.

Early Summer Application is usually put down in Late May or Early June, again depending on weather. This includes a blended slow release granular fertilizer with liquid broadleaf weed control. This fertilizer depends on humidity(or rain) to breakdown and introduce its nutrients to the soil. So if we have an extended dry period the fertilizer will not breakdown quickly and burn your lawn. We wait until the second application for the broadleaf control, so that the chemical will attack the weeds when they are most actively growing. Our mission is to limit the amount of pesticides we introduce into the environment and only to use them when they are the most effective.

Late Summer Application uses the same products used in the Early Summer Application and is usually applied in August or Early September, depending on weather conditions. This is the most optimal time to attack the weeds. This application of broadleaf herbicide provides us with the most longterm control of broadleaf weeds into the following season.

Fall Application uses a completely different blend of fertlilizer to get the grass plant and especially it's roots ready to withstand the winter and build up strength for early Spring. This application is usually applied in October, but sometimes extends in November and as always depends on weather conditions.

We separate ourselves from the other companies by using premium blended fertlilizers with the proper analysis for the time of year. We also try to limit the number of herbicide applications and apply when they will be most effective. Some companies require/recommend that you purchase as many as 8 applications in one season. There are very few times that your lawn should need more than 4 application, as long as you are using a quality product. The following scenarios would be a cause for a 5th application:

  • If you have recently installed or renovated your lawn and the extra application would enhance the development and thickening of the turf. New lawns have a higher demand for nutrients the first year.
  • If you have not fertlized for a number of years prior. It may take an extra application to get nutrients levels up normal and at the proper level to fill in the turf and control the weeds.
  • Grub levels vary from year to year and depending on their potential for causing damage an an extra application may be required to control the grubs and limit the damage.
What We Do
10 years ago we started working with Fritz Landscape Contractors ~ with all of these landscape elements and the plantings that provide color all season, we feel as though we are on vacation each time we sit on our patio.
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